The Buddhist Bishop

Because the Episcopal church doesn’t have enough to contend with these days. These links are forwarded (with permission) from “StandFirm.” This is a conservative site, “Traditional Anglicanism in America,” so you already know their angle, but you have to admit…this seems more than a bit silly. Are their no Christian clergy in MI willing to take up the mitre?

(I am not keen on the fact that the links all point to their own site, but what can you do? I don’t have time to go and tease them all out and they have done the work for us.)

There have been a lot of posts generated around the blogsphere and at
StandFirm on the election of a Buddhist priest as the next bishop of
Northern Michigan. Below is a roundup of the posts at StandFirm from the
past week — and believe me, there will be plenty more in the coming week,
judging by what’s being posted in blogland.


— Northern Michigan Makes It Official, Elects Buddhist as Bishop

— Anglican Curmudgeon has a lengthy and detailed post on the history of
Kevin Thew Forrester, the “election” that became a “selection,” and what it
portends for future bishop elections in TEC. It is a must-read for anyone
who wants to a solid background in what is shaping up to be the next
“constitutional crisis” of the Episcopal Church:

— Just what is “Lay Ordination” in Buddhism — this post helps:

— Still on Patrol’s commentary on the Buddhist Bishop:

— An excellent brief article on “bad faith” in the Episcopal Church:

— Some Episcopalians are trying to spin this as just a man who

— The Church of England, Converting Buddhists; The Episcopal Church,
Consecrating Buddhists

— Blog Comment of the Week on the Buddhist Bishop:

— Episcopalians in the Diocese of South Dakota have posted an open letter
of protest:

— Episcopalians in the Diocese of Southern Ohio have posted a petition
asking their Bishop and Standing Committee not to consent to the election
of Kevin Thew Forrester as Bishop of Northern Michigan:

— And finally, an open thread for Standing Committee contact information
and discussion on what Episcopal laypeople can do about the Buddhist

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