Jesus was an Episcopalian?! 3

I saw this book, Jesus Was An Episcopalian (And You Can Be One Too!): A Newcomer’s Guide to the Episcopal Church, referenced on a listserv and while I am an Episcopalian I am certain that Jesus was not. This is the sort of thing that makes me so frustrated with our church and reminds me why so many other Christians just shake their heads at us. It may well be a good introduction to the ECUSA, I have not read it, but the title is so off putting. (And note the cutesy ECUSA tattoo on Jesus’ ankle. I don’t think so.)


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3 thoughts on “Jesus was an Episcopalian?!

  • Leon Mozeliak

    Hi Chris,

    The title is a marketing tool to entice people to read the book. This is common in marketing and in my opinion it’s very catchy perhaps even enough to gain a few new people for Christ.

    Stay well,

  • Chris Brady Post author

    An old post to be sure…

    Yes, I realize that this is all marketing but it is the sort of marketing that reinforces certain undesirable stereotypes. Frankly, it was a bit surprising to me because most of my Episcopalian colleagues and friends are adamant about how Jesus was not __________ (fill in your least favorite denomination/theological viewpoint/Messiah/Son of God). I know that many of these same folks, for example, cry “foul!” when someone tries to suggest that Jesus was a Republican. (He wasn’t.)

    This is of course particularly frustrating for an historian like myself who seeks to have people better understand Jesus in his own context of 1st century Judaism.