Saving space – converting MP3s

(This likley will not apply to most folks, but I have been ripping, converting, and moving song files back and forth for several years now. The amount of “legacy errors” that I have carried forward required some clean up.)

I just realized this morning, while playing with Smart Playlists in iTunes, that I had imported a number of CDs using “Apple Lossless” encoding. This meant that a song that in 192kbs MP3 encoding (which sounds just fine to my ear) would be 5MB was 35MB. Fortunately iTunes has a nice “convert file to MP3” setting. Simply right-click (control click) on the song(s) and select from the drop down menu. NB- The “convert’ command is into whatever encoding that you have chosen in the iTunes preferences, so set it there first if need be.

After converting and deleting the Apple Lossless songs I saved 3GB! And that means a LOT more songs on my iPods.

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