What do you see? 6

Last night I was in the local seminary and was showing someone the blog and their machine (IE on XP, I think) did nto show all three columns. If you have the time, could you drop me a note in the comments letting me know whether or not you see the two side-bar columns and if so/not which OS and browser you are using? Thanks!

This is what it should look like:

Screen Shot


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6 thoughts on “What do you see?

  • Carla Sulzbach

    Dear Prof. Brady,

    This is fascinating: thru Explorer I get one text column,and scrolling down I get the side bars. Modzilla gives me all three neatly next to each other.


    Carla Sulzbach

  • Kevin A. Wilson

    In Firefox, I see everything correctly except the right sidebar. All it contains is the ‘Subscribe’ section. Biblioblogs are not listed. In other words, I see everything but the section that contains the link to my own blog!

    For what its worth, you site is also fairly readable on a T-Mobile Dash. The header is not ideal, which is usually the case when large images are used (I have the same problem on my blog). After that you see the main column, followed by the left sidebar and then the right.

  • admin Post author

    The reason some of you only see a few links on the right hand column is because the entry page (or the page that has only the post) does not show the full blog roll. My screen shot was of the home/main page. I am glad to know that it is working for most folks!

    Oh, and Chris, thanks for posting! But Spam Karma ate your comment… But I did see it. Thanks!