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Essay by Philip Jenkins – The reach of African churches

Philip is a scholar of religion and colleague of mine at Penn State. He is also a national (NY Times) bestseller. This morning he emailed me a copy of his latest article from The Christian Century and gave me permission to reproduce it here. notes from the GLOBAL CHURCH Philip Jenkins. The Christian Century. Chicago: Sep 9, 2008. Vol. 125, Iss. 18; pg. 60, 1 pgs Not long ago I was taking a cab from […]

Opus, RIP?

I was always a big fan of Bloom County, had not much love for Outland, and have been interested to see what would happen with Opus. Not much, it appears. Opus (the strip) never got off the ground, imho, but the character is still endearing in an oofish, leftist way. (In the back of some drawer I still have a “Penguin Lust” t-shirt. My dad wasn’t too happy about that.) FWIW I remember each of […]

New Biography of Maimonides

The New York Sun has a review of Joel Kramer’s Maimonides. Oddly the review is mostly a summary of Maimonides’ life with only the last two paragraphs offering any sort of critique of the book. This is more than just a biography of one of history’s greatest thinkers. It is also a rich cultural, religious, and intellectual history of Jews, Arabs, and Christians in the Middle Ages, as well as an accessible, if ultimately inadequate, […]