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SBL soon, but first…poultry!

I will be headed to Boston on Friday for SBL but this week I am in Louisville KY for the National 4-H Poultry & Egg Conference. Yup, chickens! I am going to be the speaker for the Poultry Career Opportunities Workshop. Why me? Well certainly not because of my work in the field, but because I was, back in the day, MD state champion poultry judge (or “chicken feeler” as I used to say, great […]

The Dude abides on the Wii

The Big Lebowski bowling on the Wii We were playing Wii Sports today, bowling to be specific. If you bowled on the Wii and lost control of your ball you know that when the ball goes skittling back into the folks behind you the camera moves and they all jump up. What I had not noticed until today is that those players, aside from your Mii characters actually playing, change. And look who showed up […]