SBL soon, but first…poultry! 5

the chicken rodeo champ by whymanmI will be headed to Boston on Friday for SBL but this week I am in Louisville KY for the National 4-H Poultry & Egg Conference. Yup, chickens! I am going to be the speaker for the Poultry Career Opportunities Workshop. Why me? Well certainly not because of my work in the field, but because I was, back in the day, MD state champion poultry judge (or “chicken feeler” as I used to say, great pick up line…it worked on my wife!) and went to this same national conference in 1983. (I am actually staying in the same hotel and I am not sure if they have changed the bedspreads in all those years.) So I will be giving a little pep talk about planning (or not) for the future. These are mostly high school juniors and seniors so they are getting ready to make the big leap into college.

I should add that while I was state champion I only placed 14th (I think) at nationals (no one told me about the turkeys) my brother who competed a few years before me came in 2nd in the nation! Not bad for a couple of kids from suburban DC.

While here in Louisville I am going to be starting finishing my paper on Targum Ruth. A great work and a lot of fun, but I have to admit that there is not as much going on with the character of Ruth as I first thought. There is certainly an emphasis upon Ruth as a proselyte and a variety of interesting additions but…well, just come to the session on Monday afternoon. 😉

I will arrive in Boston on Friday afternoon. Any other folks going to be there that early? I would love to meet up with folks for a meal.


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5 thoughts on “SBL soon, but first…poultry!

  • Michael Halcomb

    Lville…near my old stomping grounds. 4H is huge in Ky and particularly the outerlying areas. One of the kids at the Church I used to serve at in KY always won competitions in this kind of thing; she was all about it.

    As for SBL, I’ll be arriving around 3:30 Friday.

  • James McGrath

    I should get in at Providence airport at 1:40 and it will take me at least an hour to get to Boston, but I will be there in time for dinner. Is there any private way that bibliobloggers could share their cell phone numbers? Or should we put a list on the message board (perhaps under “B” for both “Biblio” and “bloggers”?) where we can leave our numbers and others can copy them down? We should have thought about this issue of reaching one another sooner!

  • Chris Brady Post author

    James – I get into Logan at 2pm. I think am on for dinner with two other folks, but I will check and see what the plans are. I am happy to share my cell: 814-321-2929. (If someone really wants it they can find it online or in a phone book, so privacy is not an issue.)

    The message board sounds like a good idea. I will blog and see what response we get.

  • James McGrath

    Mine is 317-828-0769. I will post it here in the hope that SBL attendees will get it over the next few days, but will ask that you delete it lest some of the web-crawling spam engines decide to make use of it!