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More on the Targumim

David Everson, who first put me on to the YouTube video about TgNeof has offered a useful comment on the previous post that I would like to elevate to post status. I’ve read Shepherd’s article and I believe he has some basic targumic misunderstandings which were more commonplace 30 years ago (e.g. Targum Pseudo-Jonathan is a NOT a Palestinian Targum [Shepherd p. 53]). His broad conclusion that “Perhaps the NT authors were influenced in some […]

Lambeth Conference Reflections

The document is now online. I have only skimmed portions, but I think this paragraph sums up a lot of where we are (and are not). 110. There is confusion about what “the issue” really means. There are three aspects that would help to clarify discussions: * How the church evangelizes, disciples and provides pastoral care for homosexual people; * How and on what basis the church admits people to Sacred Orders; * How the […]