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Solger manuscript (TgLam) images posted

I have finally managed to get the images from the Solger manuscript of TgLam posted in the “Targum Lamentations” section of this site. It can be found in the subpage “Solger MS Images of TgLam.” The description from that page: The images presented here are from the Codex Solger MS 1-7.2° (Solger) manuscript. The images are made available courtesy of and with the permission of the Stadtbibliothek Nürnberg. Codex Solger MS 1-7.2° (Solger) of Nürnberg […]

Should there be a “windfall profit” tax?

Would it really help? Not if the past implementation of it (under Carter) is any indication. My brother has posted on this and it is worth a read. Gird you loins ladies and gentlemen, the presidential election cycle is about to begin in earnest and we are left without our guide Mr. Russert. It will be a long half-year. By now everyone has heard Obama’s plan “I’ll make oil companies like Exxon pay a tax […]

Just kill me now, Lord.

I was doing the Daily Office this morning, something I admit to not doing daily, and as is often the case, the readings were particularly relevant. (It is amazing what a difference it makes to actually be receptive to what you reading.) The reading from Num. 11:1-23 was interesting in light of current events in our parish. Our parish is going through a transition, the rector of 14 years has retired and while I am […]