Dr. Meena Bose Speaks Thursday Night

From my SHC blog:

The Centre Daily Times ran an article this morning about Dr. Bose’s speech.

Meena Bose, a renowned scholar in presidential studies, is making no more predictions in this race for the White House.

Political twists have already upended two of her best guesses — that Democrat John Edwards and Republican Mitt Romney would stay in for the long haul.

So don’t expect an overly political speech when Bose, a Penn State alumna and Hofstra University professor, returns to University Park this week to deliver a public lecture.

No, Bose said Monday, her talk here — titled “How Do We Define Democratic Leadership in the Twenty-First Century?” — will offer a more historical tone.

She said she plans to talk about the great U.S. presidents, such as Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and “what qualities we see in them that are relevant today.”

“I hope it will spark discussion about our expectations for the next president, what the next president needs to accomplish,” Bose said.

Dr. Bose is a Scholar alumna and the lecture will be Thursday night at 7 pm in the Schwab Auditorium. Don’t forget, my podcast with Dr. Bose can be heard here.

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