Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-17

  • My wife’s patronus: a barista, “is that one or two shots of espresso Mr Dementor?” #
  • @pvponline None! You deserve a weekend off for your bday! (We all do!) #
  • In a meeting. We are recruiting a “public intellectual.” How can I get that on my business card? #
  • My new card: “Christian Brady, Public Intellectual and Futurist” #
  • New term for me: Cyberscience. Apparently means computational science but ya gotta have a tag. #
  • MetaModels: models of models. #
  • BTW these are some of the ugliest ppt presentatons I have ever seen. #
  • Wiki even describes the “social role of a public intellectual” http://snurl.com/21y82 #
  • So, if I think to myself while walking down the street, does that make me a “public intellectual” or just a public nuisance? #
  • Heading out to Pitt for afternoon and dinner meetings. Wonder if I will spot iJustine? #
  • Butterfinger king size, I just can’t quit you! #
  • @dtatusko Just livin the high(er ed) life! #
  • Off to dinner with a board member and then back to SC. Late night… #

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