No power? Send us an email to let us know! 2

What is wrong with this?
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I can’t be certain but I am thinking that it would be a little difficult for you to upload your videos and photos without your power. (Yes, I know cell phones can text, take pictures, and video, but the towers need power too.)

Seriously, I do hope that everyone is OK and that the usual idiots don’t come out once the sun goes down.


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2 thoughts on “No power? Send us an email to let us know!

  • Jim

    Maybe it’s a broadband thing- but here in dialup land all we need to upload photos is a phone line and a laptop. I’ve had occasion in the past myself to do exactly what is asked in this report for the local tv station when a storm had knocked out electricity. So it can be done quite easily.

  • Richard Wright

    With Jim I can attest we were among the very tiny few who could do anything on the Internet after Hurricane Katrina. Land line plus dial-up account = “I’m online and you broadband snobs aren’t”.

    That is no longer the case. Thank goodness!