Comic: Coffee with Jesus 13

I do not know how I have missed this. Radio Free Babylon has an ongoing strip called “Coffee with Jesus” and he is surprisingly “Jesus-like” IMHO.1 Quite funny if you can avoid being easily offended. Here are two that made me smile.

  1. I have never come across “Radio Free Babylon” either, so I offer no valuation of its quality, worth, heresy, orthodoxy, or ability to make My Little Pony seem like a cynical drug-addled view of the world. []

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13 thoughts on “Comic: Coffee with Jesus

    • Chris Brady Post author

      Mike, reading through many of the comics I was surprised with how “orthodox” Jesus’ views are in this strip. Many would serve as excellent illustrations for sermons or other points straight from scripture. Or this one, for example, is practically straight out of CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.

  • Seth Florentino

    I like this strip. It’s irreverent, startling, funny, fresh, refreshing. Makes you think twice before asking, “What would Jesus do (say)?”

  • AdmiralB

    I like “Coffee With Jesus” very much, and agree with the observation that Jesus is “orthodox”. The example of the “coexist” bumper sticker is right on point, as is the reference to C.S.Lewis. Christianity, in fact, does not teach or believe that all religions are of equal value. It does require respect for and charity towards other people – as people, but it does not require or even allow agreement with whatever they believe. Example: Jesus shows compassion and respect for the Samaritan woman at the well, but still tells her that the Samaritans are wrong in how and where they worship God.

  • Benbow P Cheesman

    The strip, via Satan, makes a valid point about Christianity. There’s no valid way to get around the assertion that yes, in fact, we do claim that “sooner or later, every soul must come to terms with Jesus of Nazareth as God incarnate.” I’ll go further, quoting a seminary professor: “In addressing Him as ‘Lord – Adonai’, Jesus’ followers from the beginning considered Him nothing less than Yahweh.” That being so, it is impossible for a Christian to assert that every other understanding of God is as valid as this one, and that it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you are a decent human being and sincere in your beliefs. This is NOT – repeat NOT – a claim that non-Christians are damned. Not at all. It does claim that while there are may paths, there is, in the end, but one Door. No human philosophy, set of moral precepts or exemplary life is sufficient to make one acceptable to stand in the Presence of God. The righteous, who strive to please God by whatever Name they call Him, will find welcome at that Door. But it is still One Door.

  • Benbow Cheesman

    Jesus never, ever, compromised in order to win more people to the Kingdom of God. He really wanted the rich young man to follow Him, but when the dude chose to let his possessions continue to own him, Jesus let him go. Modern model: contrast how Bill Gates treats his wealth vis-a-vis who he is, with how Donald Trump regards his money and what it says about him. The former is a free man who uses his wealth to do good; the latter is owned by what he owns and defines who he is by what he has.