Worth Repeating: Jesus on the foal of a raptor. 2

From last year and, again, as Larry the Cable Guy would say, “Lord, I apologize.” I am sure this is what Zechariah meant. Really.

The New ‘Answers in Genesis’ New Testament– Children’s Edition

Jesus rides into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday on the foal of a raptor. People attempt to feed the raptor by laying palm branches on the road as he looks hungry.

(Via Ben Witherington.)


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2 thoughts on “Worth Repeating: Jesus on the foal of a raptor.

  • Drew

    Love it. Giddy up!

    I had not seen that post from BW3 before since I had not been blogging at the time. I thought his responses in the debate that ensues from all the folks who have no sense of humor were fantastic and spot on. This little gem from an apparent friend of Answers in Genesis stood out:

    “As for the speed of light, there are two main answers to that offered. The first is non-relativistic and simply proposes that God created the stars in such an order that the light that travelled from them reached Earth on day four of Creation week. This would mean that, from the point of view of an observer on Earth the stars began to exist at that point. We use the same reasoning in regards to observations of super-novas, for example one observed occuring in 1987 is dated by that point, not by the 2000 or so years it took for the light to reach Earth.”

    This is the now famous and absurd argument that I think atheists describe the best: the “goddidit” argument. And produced all from one website. Nice.