NPR: Religion Survey Finds Many Americans Swap Faiths

NPR: Religion Survey Finds Many Americans Swap Faiths
More of what we discussed yesterday. This piece is an interview with Luis Lugo, director of the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

One of my questions that I cannot answer since I have not read the report, and will not be able to until after 3 pm today at the earliest due to meetings and class, is what denominations and church affiliations are they considering “Protestant,” since they say those numbers are declining. And Lugo said that the “non-affiliated” are those growing the most, but then he also stated that many of them still said that religion was “somewhat” (I believe was the term) important to them. This needs to be teased out. It seems that people are not, in fact, becoming atheists, but perhaps in typical American reformed tradition moving away from traditional denominations and structures and into a more casual (non-existant?) notion of community without really rejecting “the faith.”

Anyone had a chance to read the survey and come to any conclusions?

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