Never fear! Superdelegates are here! 1

Democrats fear superdelegates could overrule voters –

Democrats fear superdelegates could overrule voters

  • Democrats’ system includes about 800 superdelegates — party officials, leaders
  • Unlike elected delegates, superdelegates can vote for any candidate they choose
  • Some says they fear superdelegates could tip balance against the popular vote
  • If such a thing happens, some say voters will feel alienated, disenfranchised
  • I am not quite as cynical as Dr. Jim West about this, but given the protestations regarding the Electoral College during the last two general elections I find it ironic that this is how the Democratic Party chooses to run their presidential primaries.

    My prediction: If it is that close there is no way the DNC will allow Obama to be beaten in any way that would smack of back-room politics. They would lose all credibility and would seek some sort of compromise, such as an Obama-Clinton ticket. Now Clinton may get the MI and FL votes admitted after all in which case the above prediction is out.

    UPDATE: And how is this for provocative? This NYTimes piece has the following teaser on the front page:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s advisers made it clear that they were prepared to take potentially incendiary steps to build her delegate count.

    Oh hoo! Fight! And to think people just a few months ago were saying there is no way the Dems could lose the White House. Wanna bet?


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    One thought on “Never fear! Superdelegates are here!

    • Steve Brady

      Thanks for writing this. I have been pondering writing on this (and waiting for Fleshy to weigh in over at

      You make a cursory reference to MI and FL. Again, the democrats fight in 2000, and 2004, for “every vote to be counted, and every vote to count” and then make a decision to (in their words) “punish” MI and FL for moving their primaries. So, if the democrats decide that they are mad enough, votes shouldn’t count? Is it really that arbitrary? Perhaps everyone figured it was a slam dunk for Hillary and so it just wouldn’t matter, and everyone would still be “happy”?

      And now, because suddenly it is “close” after all they are wanting to change their own rules AGAIN? I believe I wrote about this, and the democrats penchant for changing rules, back at my blog in 2004. (see

      Come on, people. Open your eyes, and realize that the party most likely to, um, stick it to the people is NOT the Republicans, but the democrats.