Never fear! Superdelegates are here!

Democrats fear superdelegates could overrule voters –

Democrats fear superdelegates could overrule voters

  • Democrats’ system includes about 800 superdelegates — party officials, leaders
  • Unlike elected delegates, superdelegates can vote for any candidate they choose
  • Some says they fear superdelegates could tip balance against the popular vote
  • If such a thing happens, some say voters will feel alienated, disenfranchised
  • I am not quite as cynical as Dr. Jim West about this, but given the protestations regarding the Electoral College during the last two general elections I find it ironic that this is how the Democratic Party chooses to run their presidential primaries.

    My prediction: If it is that close there is no way the DNC will allow Obama to be beaten in any way that would smack of back-room politics. They would lose all credibility and would seek some sort of compromise, such as an Obama-Clinton ticket. Now Clinton may get the MI and FL votes admitted after all in which case the above prediction is out.

    UPDATE: And how is this for provocative? This NYTimes piece has the following teaser on the front page:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s advisers made it clear that they were prepared to take potentially incendiary steps to build her delegate count.

    Oh hoo! Fight! And to think people just a few months ago were saying there is no way the Dems could lose the White House. Wanna bet?

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