International Alchemy Conference

A colleague at PSU passed this along:

International Alchemy Conference

. It is, of course, in Los Vegas. Maybe I should skip SBL and use my travel funds to attend this as well. (And then when I get back I can just set up the lab at home and make all the gold I need!)


· Discover the secret history of alchemy and how it is practiced today.

· Learn the secret formulae and processes of the alchemists.

· Learn how to set up an alchemical laboratory in your own home.

· Be able to recognize hidden “signatures” of people and events.

· Learn to make tinctures and elixirs that capture spiritual energy.


· Resonate with the magical power of alchemists’ symbols and drawings.

· Awaken powerful energies to fuel your continuing transformation.

· Understand how the ancient principles work in your own life.

· Learn how to transmute emotions and thoughts into purified consciousness.

· Take part in meditations and experiments demonstrating esoteric principles.


· Discover ways to harness the life force for alternative healthcare and continuing rejuvenation.

· Exchange the latest research in such diverse areas as the history of science and quantum chemistry.

· Learn to make alchemical tinctures, oils, elixirs, and other products in the privacy of your own kitchen.

· Become a certified alchemical practitioner or apply the principles in your present career.

· Turn lead of everyday life into the gold of health, wealth, and new opportunities.

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