Bibliobloggers at the SBL: Sunday 11:30ish am 8

At the entrance to the book exhibit. Since I don’t know of a particular place to eat at this time, I think that would be the best place to meet up. It looks as if most sessions end at 11:30 so we will wait until about 11:40.

How does that sound? I will try and have a firm plan for food so we can get right down to business (and Jim W. reminds us that Margk Goodacre and others will be presenting at 12:45).


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8 thoughts on “Bibliobloggers at the SBL: Sunday 11:30ish am

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Michael – Absolutely! You are more than welcome. In fact, in addition to the group podcast, I hope to do one-on-one interviews so there should be plenty of opportunities for conversation.

  • April DeConick

    I would love to join you this year and meet the many people who have joined my blog discussions, but I have two other meetings on Sunday at this time, and I haven’t figured out how to be in two places at the same time let alone three (smile!). Hope to run into some of you in other sessions. Off to San Diego shortly.

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  • mike aubrey

    Chris, would you be willing to do me a favor? Being that I’ve only got a BA in Greek, I am not a member of SBL and thus cannot access the old JBL articles. Would you be willing to download one more me? It the review of C. F. D. Moule’s commentary on Colossians & Philemon from June 1958. I would really appreciate it!

    mga318 AT gmail DOT com.