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Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-13

This day just keeps getting longer…Kids in the tub and now to clean the kitchen. (And who schedules these MNF games?) # Skyping with my brother and his son (who has a new iPhone!) Oh, and updated blog for mobile phone use: http://targuman.org/blog # @ SCMProfessor ain’t technology wonderful? We can talk and type at each other at once. # @feetforlove be sure to shake # This morning is going to be spent getting organized […]

Humor from the CHE: Berkeley Tree-Sitter Falls, Breaks 2 Limbs

The repsonses are great, so I thought I would share the whole thing. Berkeley Tree-Sitter Falls, Breaks 2 Limbs – Chronicle.com November 12, 2007 Berkeley Tree-Sitter Falls, Breaks 2 Limbs A protester broke his arm and leg after plunging at least 30 feet Sunday night while trying to exit a tree in an oak grove that the University of California at Berkeley plans to raze, the San Jose Mercury News reported. Nathaniel Hill, 24, mistakenly thought he […]

Bibliobloggers at the SBL: Sunday 11:30ish am

At the entrance to the book exhibit. Since I don’t know of a particular place to eat at this time, I think that would be the best place to meet up. It looks as if most sessions end at 11:30 so we will wait until about 11:40. How does that sound? I will try and have a firm plan for food so we can get right down to business (and Jim W. reminds us that […]

Leopard: Auto-quit Printers

This had bothered me as well and a Google search did not reveal an answer. (Turns out, simply cntl-clicking on this icon and reading would have.) So here’s to you Mr. TUAW Tip Guy. TUAW Tip: Auto-quit Printers in Leopard Filed under: Peripherals, TUAW Tips, Leopard I just ran across this simple, but handy tip over at Mac OS X Hints. One of the little annoyances of Leopard that didn’t make our recent post is […]