Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-13

  • This day just keeps getting longer…Kids in the tub and now to clean the kitchen. (And who schedules these MNF games?) #
  • Skyping with my brother and his son (who has a new iPhone!) Oh, and updated blog for mobile phone use: http://targuman.org/blog #
  • @ SCMProfessor ain’t technology wonderful? We can talk and type at each other at once. #
  • @feetforlove be sure to shake #
  • This morning is going to be spent getting organized and writing letters of recc. #
  • @SCMProfessor I think I have the threaded comment understood now… #
  • @Ihnatko True, but when did Bloglines become Lifeline for us? Long ago now it seems. #
  • Well wrong date for lunch on my calendar. I guess I will bhave to fend for myself. #
  • After a two hour detour, back in the office to finish those letters of recc. #
  • @SCMProfessor Bro, if you are going to be a Twitter-meister you need the Facebook Twitter app. It updates your Facebook feed, etc. #
  • One more letter of Recc to go! #
  • Argh! Typos in the letters…now to contact their tech support and try and delete that and upload the corrected version… #
  • @SCMProfessor Pizza works for me. Freshly unwrapped and baked at home. #

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