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Emergency call for BIblical Studies Carnival

Tyler Williams just sent an email calling for urgent help with this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival. It seems that the person assigned is unable to do it and Tyler needs articles submitted. Since I will be doing one soon (January!) I am more than sympathetic and will send out my entries ASAP. Tyler needs entries posted during the month of November, the title, url, blog name, author name, and a one or two sentences about […]

AAR Survey Result

The AAR has released its survey results dealing with the upcoming split from SBL for their annual convention. Of interest to me was that only 19.97% said they were SBL members and only 32% were past SBL members. I would have thought it would be higher. 60.13% said that book exhibits with both biblical and religious studies publishers is very important (18.5% said “somewhat important”) 47.94% said having a common interview center for job candidates […]

Dr. Who and Max Headroom – Taste Great Together!

I didn’t realize it was already 20 years! What is amazing is that he has never been caught. (Be sure to watch the CBS news clip to see their coverage of the story. One man said, “I got so upset I wanted to bust the TV set.” Now THAT is a Dr. Who fan who can give Dr. Goodacre a run for his money!)Max Headroom Video Hijacking – 20th Anniversary Watch the clip at Fuzzy […]

Christmas Greeting Competition

What would Christmas be without competition? When we were in NYC we saw and participated in Gap & Yahoo’s Christmas Greeting video. You can go online and vote for your favorite, unfortunately they do not offer any easy way to share (other than email) the video. So, if you have some time to kill and what to hear me say “two fuzzy balls”: Go to Click on “Search & Share” Select Event and Time: […]

Quick Look Folder and Zip plugins

This is brilliant! Quick Look Folder and Zip plugins Filed under: OS, Freeware, Leopard Quick Look is a beautiful thing, and in my view practically itself worth the cost of admission to Leopard. Unfortunately, the more you get used to it, the more annoying it is when you get to a file format that Quick Look doesn’t support. Fortunately, Apple was smart enough to design Quick Look with an open architecture that allows developers to […]

Is this mic on? Introducing the Bibliobloggers lunch

Kevin Wilson has kindly compiled a list of those attending, with links, so I will merely paste that in here: We had twenty-one people at the biblioblogger get together today. … I did, however, pass around a sheet of paper for everyone to sign. Here, then, is the canonical list of bibliobloggers who gathered this year: Kevin A. Wilson – Blue Cord Ben Myers – Faith and Theology Kevin Scull – Novum Testamentum Brandon Wason […]