Is this mic on? Introducing the Bibliobloggers lunch 4

Sunset at Manhatten BeachKevin Wilson has kindly compiled a list of those attending, with links, so I will merely paste that in here:

We had twenty-one people at the biblioblogger get together today. … I did, however, pass around a sheet of paper for everyone to sign. Here, then, is the canonical list of bibliobloggers who gathered this year:

Bibliobloggers Lunch - SBL 07So enjoy the short podcast and, as time permits, I hope to do more interviews with others in the biblioblogging community. (Joe Weaks, are you on Skype?) More pictures of the lunch can be found here.


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4 thoughts on “Is this mic on? Introducing the Bibliobloggers lunch

  • jeremy

    Thanks Chris! I would be interested to know what portable recorder you have. I usually have trouble finding a Mac-compatible digital recorder that’s portable. The quality of using my ipod with an iTalk mic isn’t all that great. Have any suggestions?

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Jeremy, I use the Zoom H2, it is $199 and saves mp3 or wav files to an SD card. It has a USB cable, which should work fine with a Mac, but I simply stick the SD card into a card reader (you can find them for under $20 that will read every kind of card, this is what I use for my camera memory cards as well) and voilá! In the Finder you will see another “hard drive” that will be the memory card. Simply drag and drop the files. You can then important and edit with your favorite app. I find GarageBand the easiest and best for podcasting and now it can export directly as an mp3 into iTunes.