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Quick Look Folder and Zip plugins

This is brilliant! Quick Look Folder and Zip plugins Filed under: OS, Freeware, Leopard Quick Look is a beautiful thing, and in my view practically itself worth the cost of admission to Leopard. Unfortunately, the more you get used to it, the more annoying it is when you get to a file format that Quick Look doesn’t support. Fortunately, Apple was smart enough to design Quick Look with an open architecture that allows developers to […]

Is this mic on? Introducing the Bibliobloggers lunch

Kevin Wilson has kindly compiled a list of those attending, with links, so I will merely paste that in here: We had twenty-one people at the biblioblogger get together today. … I did, however, pass around a sheet of paper for everyone to sign. Here, then, is the canonical list of bibliobloggers who gathered this year: Kevin A. Wilson – Blue Cord Ben Myers – Faith and Theology Kevin Scull – Novum Testamentum Brandon Wason […]

University to Teach ‘Intelligent Design’ as Myth | LiveScience

This should evoke a bit of conversation in the blogosphere, not to mention the rest of the media. (I think I will begin calling them the Medes and then perhaps the internet community could become the Persians. What do you think?) University to Teach ‘Intelligent Design’ as Myth | LiveScience By The Associated Press posted: 22 November 2005 02:30 pm ET LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — Creationism and intelligent design are going to be studied at […]