AAR Survey Result

The AAR has released its survey results dealing with the upcoming split from SBL for their annual convention. Of interest to me was that only 19.97% said they were SBL members and only 32% were past SBL members. I would have thought it would be higher.

  • 60.13% said that book exhibits with both biblical and religious studies publishers is very important (18.5% said “somewhat important”)
  • 47.94% said having a common interview center for job candidates was very important (20.4% “somewhat important”)
  • 59.4% said it was very important “for the AAR to hold its Annual Meeting in the same city on the same days as SBL.” 16.16% somewhat important.
  • And so on. In other words, a large majority of the AAR members responding to this survey believe that it is somewhat to very important that AAR and SBL should remain together for conferences.

    Again, I wonder what a similar survey of SBL would yield. My instinct is to suggest that AAR is less important to the average SBL member than vice versa. Any thoughts?

    The final note on the results report:
    At its November 2007 meeting, after an initial review of these results of the Independent Annual Meeting survey, the AAR Board of Directors voted to devote part of its April 2008 meeting to a discussion of future Annual Meetings. The Board and the Executive Office will inform members of any developments that may occur in light of this discussion.

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