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What is faith?

According to Thorax of Brooke McEldowney’s 9 Chickweed Lane faith is “the unknowable promoted to the irrefutable” “doubt in exile” (my personal favorite) “the child’s comfort” “the fanatic’s trigger” Anyone recognize the piece being hummed/whistled by Thorax? (Is there a Google for musical notation?)  

Genetics and Health » Geneticist Francis Collins on NPR Fresh Air

Reactions to the Fresh Air interview with Geneticist Francis Collins that I mentioned here. Genetics and Health » Geneticist Francis Collins on NPR Fresh Air Geneticist Francis Collins on NPR Fresh Air By Hsien Hsien Lei, PhD | Related entries in General Genetics and Health, Genetics Interviews Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, was on NPR’s Fresh Air today and PZ Myers wasn’t impressed with the strong religious message. He […]

Novum Testamentum Blog » Biblical Studies Carnival XVI

Over at Novum Testamentum Blog Brandon has done an outstanding job collating the Biblioblogging world’s latest thoughts and comments. And he even likes the name “Targuman!” Thanks Brandon. Novum Testamentum Blog A Weblog Dedicated to the New Testament and Cognate Fields 04.01.07 Biblical Studies Carnival XVI Posted in weblogs at 9:18 pm by Brandon Wason Welcome to Biblical Studies Carnival XVI, a highlight of blog posts on Biblical studies during the month of March 2007. […]