Scholars Wedding Featured in the NYTimes

Greg is a 2003 graduate of the Schreyer Honors College. This is a story of love and faith in the Big City! (With Ecclesiastes quoted for good measure!)

Ashley Cargill and Gregory Buechele – New York Times

LIKE many of their peers just starting out on Wall Street, Ashley Michelle Cargill and Gregory Michael Buechele fell for each other over long talks at wine bars and weekend getaways crammed into exhaustive work weeks.

Ms. Cargill’s sprightly beauty and Mr. Buechele’s unflagging pursuit helped throughout their courtship, but so did the religious devotion they shared.

Mr. Buechele, 26, is a timber trader for the commodities unit of Goldman Sachs in New York, where he pores over the newsletter Pulp & Paper Week and prays at his desk every day at lunch. He grew up as an only child in western Pennsylvania near the Rolling Rock brewery in Latrobe. He used to invest his lawn-mowing wages in stocks, and his family did not attend church regularly, he recalled.

At Pennsylvania State University, he joined a fraternity, went to the parties and chatted with girls, but found it lacking. “I had my Christian conversion awakening halfway through college,” he said. “I was involved in fraternity life but I was never comfortable with it.”

Ms. Cargill is a 24-year-old investment analyst at Lehman Brothers in New York. She is the oldest of three, who were raised in Southlake, an affluent Dallas suburb. She is also known as an overachieving go-getter whose father, Charles Keith Cargill, a co-founder of Texas Capital Bank, encouraged her to think about running her own bank someday.

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