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An Analysis of Feuerverger’s Odds on the Tomb

UPDATE: Feuererger responds here. Mark Goodacre of the NT Gateway Weblog posts a letter from Dr. D’Mello clarifying (and problematizing) the odds calculated by Dr. Feuerverger regarding the Talpiot Tomb. I have added a few snippets of it here, but be sure to read it all at Mark’s site and the pdf linked therein. ———————— The correct interpretation of Dr. Andrey Feuerverger’s 1:600 odds calculationJoe D’Mello There has been plenty of discussion focused on the […]

Scholars Wedding Featured in the NYTimes

Greg is a 2003 graduate of the Schreyer Honors College. This is a story of love and faith in the Big City! (With Ecclesiastes quoted for good measure!) Ashley Cargill and Gregory Buechele – New York Times LIKE many of their peers just starting out on Wall Street, Ashley Michelle Cargill and Gregory Michael Buechele fell for each other over long talks at wine bars and weekend getaways crammed into exhaustive work weeks. Ms. Cargill’s […]

My View on Archaeological Discoveries and Proofs of the Bible

I wrote this over three years ago now but I think it is still relevant. Please bear in mind that this was written for a very general audience (Christianity Today) so some of my generalizations are, well, pretty general. Oh, and the title is not mine. What Do the Stones Cry Out? – Christianity Today magazine – ChristianityTodayLibrary.com What Do the Stones Cry Out? Beware of claims that archaeology disproves—or proves—the Bible is true Christian […]