Another WordPress 2.1 Problem 2

UPDATE: Ah! It turned out it was the PodPress plugin (that allows me to publish the podcasts throuhg the blog). The recent update corrected the problem.

It may or may not be WP 2.1 (in fact, I am sure it is my settings somehow, but I didn’t change anything in the upgrade) but in reading my feed via NetNewsWire I no longer see anything but text, no images, links, or formatting. Other sites seem fine.

So, if you are not seeing what you expect in your news-reader, I apologize. Just head to the blog to see it in all its glory.


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2 thoughts on “Another WordPress 2.1 Problem

  • Christopher Heard

    Chris, when I look at the site feed in NetNewsReader, I have always only seen text in the preview pane, for all sites. But when I click to open the preview, your site is showing up just fine. In fact, I am typing this comment from within NNR’s integrated browser.

  • Chris Brady

    Hmm. When I use NNR I see images and links, etc. for other sites and I had for mine as well, but not after my most recent attempt at the upgrade. So I think something is screwy with my feed(s). BTW, I really like the NNR browser, especially because I can highlight text in a page and then select “Post to Weblog” and it will auto format everything in MarsEdit for me.

    UPDATE: I just tried changing templates to see if that made a difference. Nope. BTW, I also found that on changing templates my preference for using the WYSIWYG for writing had turned itself OFF. Interestingly, even with it on, editing a comment in the Admin area still does not display the WYSIWYG. I cannot find a separate toggle for that (I would have expected that if it was on in one area, it would be on in all).