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Another WordPress 2.1 Problem

UPDATE: Ah! It turned out it was the PodPress plugin (that allows me to publish the podcasts throuhg the blog). The recent update corrected the problem. It may or may not be WP 2.1 (in fact, I am sure it is my settings somehow, but I didn’t change anything in the upgrade) but in reading my feed via NetNewsWire I no longer see anything but text, no images, links, or formatting. Other sites seem fine. […]

Religion Resources Online

Tyler Williams at Codex reports on the Religious Studies Review: Religion and the Internet I just received the latest edition of the Religious Studies Review (Volume 32, number 4, October 2006), which is a special issue on Religion and the Internet edited by Christopher Helland. The volume highlights and evaluates a number of different religious studies resources online. The reviews are by no means exhaustive, typically only reviewing a handful of sites and totally ignoring […]

Cook asks, “A Spurious Addition to Targum Pseudo-Jonathan?”

Over at Ralph the Sacred River Ed Cook wonders where this mis-translation of TgPsJ t Gen 4 comes from. I notice that it is common to quote the Targum Pseudo-Jonathan to Genesis 4:1 as Mahlon Smith does at his website, where we find this translation: And Adam knew that his wife Eve had conceivedfrom Sammael the angel (of death)and she became pregnant and bore Cain. And he was like those on high and not like […]