“How long O Lord, how long?” or The rate of history PhD completion

Interesting study…. History Ph.D.’s: In and Out

New data provide look at admission and completion rates of doctoral programs.

The analysis — which was done by Robert B. Townsend, the history association’s assistant director for research and publications — also looked at the impact of program size on completion rates. Larger programs appear to have better completion rates, but smaller programs do better than those that are medium sized. (For purposes of the study, the AHA considered programs large if they conferred at least seven Ph.D.’s on average a year, while small programs conferred fewer than 2.5 a year on average.)

(Via Inside Higher Ed.)

One thing I have wondered about in our broad field of biblical/Jewish/theological studies in what sort of department did most folks get their terminal degree. At Oxford I was a member of Oriental Studies, but it doesn’t sound right to say my doctorate is in “Oriental Studies.” Indeed, my diploma simply lists the title of my thesis without noting the faculty at all. So I simply and descriptively have “Ancient Hebrew and Jewish Literature” on my CV.

What about others?

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