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Lost 1965 MLK sermon from Hollywood Synagogue

More on MLK! I wasn’t even looking for it this time, just browsing my newsfeed. Dr. King’s delivery is much more sedate in this sermon than at other times, but just a few minutes into it I am finding it well worth the listen. Lost 1965 MLK sermon from Hollywood Synagogue Cory Doctorow: Dennis sez, “In February, 1965, Martin Luther King, Jr., was invited to give a sermon for Friday evening Shabbat services at Temple […]


My daughter has a DS as well… Hmmmm. Perhaps a weekend project! 🙂 iPodDS This is pretty sweet for all you home brew fans out there. This guy made his Nintendo DS function like an iPod, using the lower (touch) screen as the click wheel. Not overly useful – unless you have a DS and not an iPod – but pretty cool anyway. My Son’s got a DS, but I think if I started messing […]

“How long O Lord, how long?” or The rate of history PhD completion

Interesting study…. History Ph.D.’s: In and Out New data provide look at admission and completion rates of doctoral programs. The analysis — which was done by Robert B. Townsend, the history association’s assistant director for research and publications — also looked at the impact of program size on completion rates. Larger programs appear to have better completion rates, but smaller programs do better than those that are medium sized. (For purposes of the study, the […]

The Problem of Politics

In terms of promises to higher ed the Dems are already finding out how difficult it is to lead in politics. Apparently the pressure isn’t from the Republicans, but the industry. Democrats’ plan to slash the interest rate for student loans draws criticism from unlikely sources In the run-up to the Congressional elections last fall, one of the top campaign promises made by leaders of the Democratic Party was to halve the interest rate on […]