Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-16

  • @JasonCalacanis I would be all for the MBA, as a loyal follower. 🙂 #
  • @samharrelson I nearly did not finish my doctorate thanks to days, weeks lost playing Marathon. #
  • @samharrelson The meet up could be right after MBW’s! 😉 #
  • They may not be swallows and this isn’t Capistrano but the starlings are enmassed in our back yard this morning. #
  • Now I know where Hitchcock got his idea… #
  • @dtatusko Did you just turn on Twitter tools? 20 some tweets from your blog… #
  • Watching F1 replay (midnight to 1am was too early/late for me). This is a CRAZY race! Sheer madness… Nearly done and still cars crashin #
  • Two laps to go and Bourdais out! Poor guy! Great run in first Grand Prix. #
  • Only 7 (SEVEN) cars left! Out of 22 that strated…stunning. #
  • Hamilton! Won it! Let’s see if this is his year… #
  • Leo is live! http://twit.tv/live #
  • NetNewsWire to Del.icio.us! Nice….http://snurl.com/21whc #

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