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Teaching the Bible, Reading Theology

There have been ongoing discussions about teaching the Bible in a secular context, partly due to the new session at SBL in which I am contributing a paper, but in the biblioblogsphere more due to Kevin Wilson’s discussions on Blue Cord. (Kevin has a whole series of posts, so be sure to follow them all.) There are two new additions to this conversation that Stephen Cook pointed out in today’s post. This latest conversation has […]

“A good day” for Evan and us all

Get out your hammer and nails! The Weekender bloggerwrites When I was a small child growing up in a conservative Presbyterian church, we spent the evening of Halloween dressed in late medieval or Renaissance clothing at church, eating candied apples and watching grown-ups reenact the nailing of Ninety-Five Theses. It’s Reformation Day, you know? But more importantly, on Halloween 4 years ago something even better happened: It’s a good day at St. Jude. For one […]

The Dude is Remembering the Saints

My wife blogged Cathleen Falsani’s recent post. Falsani has a great blog and is an excellent writer in her own right. She is the author of The God Factor. From her interview with Thomas Craughwell, author of Saints Behaving Badly: In honor of All Saints Day next week, I intend to hoist a couple dozen stiff drinks, start a bar brawl, sucker-punch a co-worker, walk around the neighborhood nude and maybe rob a bank. What? […]