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Why we are proud to be Penn State

From our student blog. Please read the whole thing, but this is what is great about our students, all of our students. (I am also VERY proud of our Tulane students and friends, don’t think I have forgotten all the great things they are doing! To be reminded, just read the latest blog entry from Dr. M.) the best THON family in the world! THON, short for Dance MaraTHON. 48 hours straight, no sitting, no […]

Jenkins: A Lack of Confidence

Bishop Charles Jenkins is the Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Louisiana (our home of 9 years) and relays some of the struggles of rebuilding that come from a history of political malfeasance. Be sure to read it all. As I travel across this nation seeking support for the work of the Church in Mississippi and Louisiana, I continually come across a major stumbling block. Church members who are by nature generous and who have […]