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“Teaching the Bible in the Context of General Education,” J Z Smith

In preparing for this paper, I came across this 1998 article by JZ Smith (is he related, son perhaps, of Wilfred Cantwell Smith?) “Teaching the Bible in the Context of General Education” (Teaching Theology and Religion, Volume 1, Issue 2, Page 73-78, Jun 1998). It is a very interesting read, although most of the article is taken with a discussion of how we understand “general education” (he parses out three derivations: “general,” “generalist,” and “generalizing”), […]

Congratulations to Fr. John Bauerschmidt

Fr. John was our rector in Covington, LA and a dear friend. His elections give me great hope. From The Bishop of Louisiana: Congratulations to Fr. John Bauerschmidt, Rector of Christ Church, Covington, Louisiana upon his election today as the 11th Bishop of Tennessee. Fr. John has informed the Covention that he will accept this election. What a gain this is for the Diocese of Tennessee! We shall miss Fr. John and Caroline terribly in […]

My Only “Must See TV” this Fall (other than sports)

This post is from a comic artist I read regularly. I agree with one of his TV pics: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC) : Easily the best show on network television, hands down. And it just started, so you have the chance to get in while it’s still basically new. It has a few people you probably know – Matt Perry and Amanda Peet, for instance. The show is basically along the lines […]

“Just so you’re sincere.”

Let me preface this by saying that I love Peanuts and respect Charles Schultz’s work immensely. It was a very sad (yet in many ways joyous) day when he passed. The Gospel According to Peanuts by Robert Short was one of the first books (the first?) to examine comics and religion. Unfortunately I have never read it. I thought of all this when I read today’s comic. I knew it well, as I am sure […]

Christopher Heard: More TNIV woes

Christopher has a very good (and humorous) breakdown of the problems with the TNIV In the last week and a half I’ve been teaching from the Latter Prophets in class, so here are some prime examples. (1) Jeremiah 7:22-23 In Hebrew: כי לא־דברתי את־אבותיכם ולא צויתים ביום הוציא אותם מארץ מצרים על־דברי עולה וזבח כי אם־את־הדבר הזה צויתי אותם לאמר שמעו בקולי A fairly literal translation of this long complex sentence would read: For I […]