My Only “Must See TV” this Fall (other than sports)

This post is from a comic artist I read regularly. I agree with one of his TV pics:

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC) : Easily the best show on network television, hands down. And it just started, so you have the chance to get in while it’s still basically new. It has a few people you probably know – Matt Perry and Amanda Peet, for instance. The show is basically along the lines of “Sports Night” – it’s a behind-the-scenes view of a show much like Saturday Night Live. The neat thing though, is that the show starts off as a pretty scathing criticism of where television has wound up in the last few – maybe ten years. I’d say it even takes a few pointed shots at SNL – deservedly so. The big theme to the show is a quest to make TV smarter, more sophisticated. The neat thing is that, in my opinion, Studio 60 is doing just that.

I would add that if you want to get caught up NBC has made ALL the episodes available on their website, immediately after airing. How does that fit into your business model iTunes? 😉 {Apparently not a problem since the NBC site doesn’t work with Safari! Blast!} The last one was a bit contrived in order to explain for the less-well-educated audience what the black list was during the McCarthy era, but still, I very good show off to a good start.

Now, the bigger question that Greg’s post brings up, is what happened to the excellent Sports Night? I remember when that got axed and I thought it was one of the worst TV decisions in a long time…. Ah, ok. I just did a modicum of research. Studio 60 and Sports Night are both Aaron Sorkin and SN was cancelled after he shifted his focus on a show called… where is it…oh, “West Wing”? Never heard of it. Well there you go…

(Via Real Life Comics.)

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