Why we are proud to be Penn State

From our student blog. Please read the whole thing, but this is what is great about our students, all of our students. (I am also VERY proud of our Tulane students and friends, don’t think I have forgotten all the great things they are doing! To be reminded, just read the latest blog entry from Dr. M.)
the best THON family in the world!

THON, short for Dance MaraTHON. 48 hours straight, no sitting, no sleeping…. no kidding!

imagine… you’ve been literally on your feet for 30 hours, it’s 3am, and you’re in a gym with 700 other students doing their damndest to stay awake, to stay (arguably) sane. you physically feel like you’re dreaming, your feet hurt more than you knew they were capable of hurting, and little kids (who just happen to have cancer, but you wouldn’t know it for the way they’re smiling) are running around having the time of their lives because this is their weekend, this is the weekend that they can be normal, they can run around and anyone in the building will drop everything to play catch or pretend with them. that was me, saturday night of THON weekend. and I looked around me at the thousands of students and faculty and parents and friends spending the wee hours of the morning in a crowded gym, and I thought – this is what we mean when we say “we are Penn State!”. this is what we’re all about.

(Via Students @ Schreyer Honors College, Penn State.)

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