MarsEdit – I’m Liking It

I am giving this blog editor a try and so far so great. I had delayed since I wasn’t sure how steep the learning curve would be and lately I barely have time to eat, let alone play with software. Well that was the beauty of MarsEdit. I fired it up, it asked for my blog address and even though I am hosting it on my own server it realized it was blogger, and filled in all the settings. How easy is that?!
It has very nice WYSIWYG interface with the ability for simply key commands for things like italics, bold, and anything else you want since you can customize the tags! It even does technorati tags, but I haven’t looked into that yet. (I will try it for fun and let’s see!) My one concern was that using such an app would somehow preclude me from blogging from a random machine through the blogger web interface (such as storing files locally as in iWeb). But that is not the case! I got home (having set it up in the office earlier) and d/l the app, set it up and, as Emeril would say, bam!, there were all my posts! MarsEdit is just an editor for what is on your server. Great stuff.

There is a free 30 day trial but I think so long as I can use it on more than one machine, this will be well worth the $24.95!
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