A new meaning to “Stand by”

One Day, That Economy Ticket May Buy You a Place to Stand – New York Times
Wow! I find this so hard to believe. The first thing that came to my mind (aside from how long a flight could I stand?) was how many more passengers can you add before you have to limit luggage so that the maximum weight limit of the plane is not exceeded. Then I got to this paragraph:

That such things are even being considered is a result of several factors. High fuel costs, for example, are making it difficult for carriers to turn a profit. The new seat technology alone, when used to add more places for passengers, can add millions in additional annual revenue. The new designs also reduce a seat’s weight by up to 15 pounds, helping to hold down fuel consumption. A typical seat in economy class now weighs 74 to 82 pounds.

So you save 15 pounds on the seat, but you add 140+? How does that math work? As I have mentioned before, I am ok at flying, but I think this would be too much for me.

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