iPhone/iPod Touch list software with a biblical twist

At least a humorous one. TUAW is reporting that Chillix has released a robust “To Do” list app for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I was touched by the humor in their release:

We’re pleased to announce that our new ToDo list, Done is now live in the App Store!

Thanks to everybody that entered our little competition to come up with humorous entries for our To Do list – you’ll see the best in the screenshots below and we’ll be using them in various publicity materials. Suggestions flooded in from our readers as well as those of TUAW and What’s On iPhone – thanks to the winners –  KSP, Chad, Kevin, Todd, Gary & Kurt.

An honourable mention must go to some of the entries that didn’t make it for one reason or another (too niche perhaps?) – thanks caffeinate, iestyn and Fabio Bracht!

We really hope you like Done – we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into it. Please let us know what you think and give us any suggestions for new features (although remember that we’re trying to keep it a relatively simple App…)

You can find out more about Done by clicking here or get it now from the App Store.

KJP's idea of what a Certain Someone's to do list might have looked like

KJP’s idea of what a Certain Someone’s to do list might have looked like

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