My how times have changed. Or How lazy can one get?

For years, from the age of 15 until I got married, in fact, I was a lifeguard and/or pool manager. I was at a variety of pools, many of which were very large and often had 100 or more people in the water at any one time. We had a whistle and a loud voice. That was all we needed in order to keep order.

Today the fam and I went to the pool (89 degrees and clear blue skies here). We have some decent lifeguards but I was appalled (read: laughed out-loud so that water came out my nose) when a lifeguard picked up a bullhorn in order to tell a kid to get off the lane rope. The kid was all of 20 feet away…. It seems to me, if you cannot make yourself heard over 20 feet of water then you have no right to be a lifeguard.

Or am I starting to sound like Andy Rooney?

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