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MarsEdit – I’m Liking It

I am giving this blog editor a try and so far so great. I had delayed since I wasn’t sure how steep the learning curve would be and lately I barely have time to eat, let alone play with software. Well that was the beauty of MarsEdit. I fired it up, it asked for my blog address and even though I am hosting it on my own server it realized it was blogger, and filled […]

My how times have changed. Or How lazy can one get?

For years, from the age of 15 until I got married, in fact, I was a lifeguard and/or pool manager. I was at a variety of pools, many of which were very large and often had 100 or more people in the water at any one time. We had a whistle and a loud voice. That was all we needed in order to keep order. Today the fam and I went to the pool (89 […]