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LATimes Comic strips’ plight isn’t funny

Comics are my main vice; I read over 100 (maybe over 150) a day…online. Is the death of newspaper comics coming? Read the article. BOOKS – Comic strips’ plight isn’t funny: ‘I don’t think you’ll ever see another ‘Calvin & Hobbes,’ ‘Bloom County’ or ‘Doonesbury’ again,’ says Breathed, 48, who received the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning in 1987. ‘The popularity of those strips was built on a young audience %u2014 great comic strips […]

A-Z Meme

I have been tagged by Ungodly Rant via an email list. (I am assuming I am not at liberty to change the items.) A-Z Accent: American… Growing up outside of DC but with a father who never quite left Texas, I am now very at home in south Louisiana, yet still intelligible to others. Booze: Gin (in tonic), but not very often. Chore I Hate: Bills. Dog or Cat: Cat, but it isn’t my fault. […]

Judge joins Da Vinci fun with a code of his own – Britain – Times Online

This is just too good! Judge joins Da Vinci fun with a code of his own – Britain – Times Online: “Judge joins Da Vinci fun with a code of his own By Ian Evans and Steve Bird Can you break the code? Read the judgment in full and send your ideas to our weblog IT HAS provided global intrigue and controversy but the enigma that is The Da Vinci Code is not over yet. […]

MarsEdit Bookmarklet

Ranchero Software: MarsEdit 1.1.2: “- Bookmarklet lets you send a page from your Web browser (Safari, Firefox, etc.) to MarsEdit. – Works with many feedreaders (including NetNewsWire 2.0) so you can send news items to MarsEdit.” One of my favorite features/conveniences of Blogger is the BlogThis javascript. MarsEdit has this too! Moreover, it nicely quotes the text highlighted. Now…to find out how to get a URL with the title of a post.  

A new meaning to “Stand by”

One Day, That Economy Ticket May Buy You a Place to Stand – New York Times Wow! I find this so hard to believe. The first thing that came to my mind (aside from how long a flight could I stand?) was how many more passengers can you add before you have to limit luggage so that the maximum weight limit of the plane is not exceeded. Then I got to this paragraph: That such […]