LATimes Comic strips’ plight isn’t funny

Comics are my main vice; I read over 100 (maybe over 150) a day…online. Is the death of newspaper comics coming? Read the article. BOOKS – Comic strips’ plight isn’t funny:

‘I don’t think you’ll ever see another ‘Calvin & Hobbes,’ ‘Bloom County’ or ‘Doonesbury’ again,’ says Breathed, 48, who received the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning in 1987. ‘The popularity of those strips was built on a young audience %u2014 great comic strips are not built on the backs of aging readers.’

It is certainly true that while I read comics from my earliest days it was Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes that kept me reading. I am very proud to tell you that at this very moment my daughter is reading my 10th anniversary collection of Baby Blues. That’s my girl!

(Via Evil, Inc..)

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