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Larry Norman 1947 – 2008 – RIP

One of the original Jesus rockers has died. Larry Norman entered into joy early Sunday morning. Norman was a sometimes controversial figure in the world of contemporary Christian music. I remember him best for his “Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation.” Below is an acoustic version, but the rock version is fantastic. “May light perpetual shine upon him.” Another tribute is here.  

A Sufjan Christmas to you all!

I can’t remember whether it was Ed Cook who put me on Sufjan Stevens or where I first noticed his work, but among all his other many, many accomplishments SS has some great Christmas music. Reinterpretations of classics and new songs alike (including “The Worst Christmas Ever“). The complete set, including 5 (FIVE!) different CDs is available for purchase, so order it now! You won’t be disappointed. If you are I will give you a […]

A Photograph… of Mozart’s Wife?

For Jim W.     Photography has been around for a surprisingly long time. This shot was taken in 1840 and features Constanze Weber – Wolfang Amadeus Mozart’s wife – at the age of 78 (front left). Mozart died in 1791, widowing Constanze at only 29. She went on to marry a Danish diplomat and lived to see 80. Others in the photo include her friend Swiss composer Max Keller and his relatives, along with […]

New They Might Be Giants Video – “Mesopotamians”

I cannot see a code for embedding this video, but I highly encourage you all to go and view it at Stereogum! Thanks JG for pointing this out! (BTW, postings will still be sporadic for a few more days. Too much to do!) stereogum: New They Might Be Giants Video – “Mesopotamians” NEW THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS VIDEO – “MESOPOTAMIANS” What happens when your band comes from a lost civilization? Navigating a charcoal cityscape on […]

Sufjan Stevens: One of the 37 Under 36

From Smithsonian Magazine Ed Cook put me on to SS and I love his work. He is rightly recognized as a unique and important artist in this month’s Smithsonian (itself a much under-rated magazine). One Man Band The next Bob Dylan? Maybe. Sufjan Stevens’ honest sound and stark lyrics speak volumes to a new generation. And he plays all the instruments By Nic Harcourt Smithsonian magazine, October 2007  

My Favorite Mutt

Two of my favorite musicians were performing at Biola. Fred Sanders has a report. Two Lost Dogs Bark in Berkeley | Scriptorium Daily Last Thursday (June 7, 2007), Terry Taylor and Mike Roe, two members of the Lost Dogs, played an intimate acoustic concert for a group of Biola students studying in the Torrey Berkeley program. Taylor and Roe are both accomplished singer-songwriters in their own rights, and over their years of touring and recording […]

Demigodness Bono

If ever someone deserved this honor he does. (Although clearly not everyone agrees. According to the Good Dr. West Bono has replaced Chris Tilling as the devil.) And their music is good too. U2’s Bono awarded British knighthood on Yahoo! News Irish rock star and global humanitarian Bono became a knight of the British empire Thursday %u2014 and joked that his youngest son thought he was about to become a Jedi instead.Bono, 46, was named […]

King’s X Redux

It is nearly 1 am and I am trying to write up some responses for a video interview. *ugh* But I am keeping up the juices with some good ol’ King’s X! Man, I have not listened to this in a LONG time. For those not in the know, this group was very popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s. They were out of Houston and the members were/are Christians. (Some notes on that […]