My Favorite Mutt

Two of my favorite musicians were performing at Biola. Fred Sanders has a report. Two Lost Dogs Bark in Berkeley | Scriptorium Daily

Two Dogs Berk Last Thursday (June 7, 2007), Terry Taylor and Mike Roe, two members of the Lost Dogs, played an intimate acoustic concert for a group of Biola students studying in the Torrey Berkeley program.

Taylor and Roe are both accomplished singer-songwriters in their own rights, and over their years of touring and recording together, their collaboration has morphed into a symbiosis. Sometimes that’s a beautiful thing, as when they take turns singing lead vocals or easily pass the guitar work back and forth with a “why don’t you play this part” nod of the head. Other times, their symbiosis is some kind of eerie mutual parasitism: they bicker “like old married people” who have already had every possible argument but can’t help having this one in front of you for comic effect.

Be sure to read it all. The chance to see them on a semi-regular basis is about the only reason I can think of to move to CA.

(Via Scriptorium Daily .)

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