Photo: Leaves

E and I grew up in the DC area and one of the things that we both greatly missed in our years outside of the mid-Atlantic region is the change in seasons. Sure the pin-oaks would drop their leaves in spring after the new leaves had grown in and in the fall pine trees would mysteriously shed their needs (and ruin the paint on your car) while still maintaining their ever green, but it just wasn’t a true “fall.” Every time I look out of our window at home I am so grateful for the changing natural beauty. Right now the leaves in central PA are peaking.

It is easy to see how so many Hallmark greeting card sermons have been written about “the seasons of our lives” but it is true, it is the natural rhythm. Life follows patterns and yet continues to move forward. Tomorrow I enter a new time with my ordination to the priesthood in the Episcopal church. It certainly will be colorful 🙂 and, God willing, it will also be a time of growth and change. To everything there is a season…but the end of matter is this; fear the God and keep his commandments.

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