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Accordance for iOS is out NOW

In yesterday’s post I commented that it was coming soon, well by evening it was released and available in the App store. Accordance for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is now available for FREE. I only saw it at 11:30 pm so I have had little time to play with it but I have very good first impressions. Best of all, if you log in with your account you can use their “Easy Install” feature to […]

Apple’s AirPlay – The good and the oops!

iOS 4.2 update for iOS devices came with some much hyped features. AirPrint, unless you have one of three printers, is effectively DOA, while AirPlay “just works.” In fact, AirPlay works a little too well. The premise is simple. You can have the audio or video from your iPad or iPhone stream to either your AirPort Express attached to a stereo (as I have it) or to your AppleTV. Video and music work great on […]

CHE Wired – Attendance for iOS and Admissions Tweets

Today’s Chronicle of Higher Education Wired newsletter has two stories that were of interest to me and may be for you all as well. The first is a very handy app, Attendance. One of the only explicitly teaching-related iOS apps that I use is Attendance, a straightforward program by David Reed, a computer science professor at Capital University. I reviewed the app upon its first release, and have used it religiously over the intervening 18 months. Attendance […]