Twitter may save your life

Jim can deny it all he likes but Twitter is a tool and can be used for extraordinary good. It has even saved a life from terrorists. Jim noted this story but the irony seemed to have been missed. Come to the light my friend, spread your wings and tweet!  

“Perhaps this generation of teenagers will pull away from religion for good.”

That is the concluding line from this oped by Bonnie Erbe. I suspect she is enjoying a double entendre here as her article makes it clear that she finds religion useless at best and narcissistic at worst. She is reviewing the already-well-commented-upon Almost Christianity by Kenda Creasy Dean. I have not read the book and only skimmed the reviews, but what I noticed about Erbe’s piece is how she is able to devolve religion into […]

If he won’t go to twitter let’s bring twitter to Jim!

Jeremy has an excellent idea. Tweet straight from Jim West’s blog I already wrote about this over the weekend, but now I’m just having too much fun with it.  Jim wrote another anti-twitter post this morning.  So, I went over and tweeted his post directly from his own blog.  I think it would be extraordinarily funny for everyone to go over and tweet the post to see how many tweets we could get for Jim’s anti-twitter blog […]

Learning something new about learning

Brooke Lester @AnummaBrooke shared this article via twitter (see Jim, it can be very useful, or at least as useful as a blog), Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits. The article summarizes several decades worth of research regarding how we learn and what  ought to be understand as best practices in learning habits. The findings can help anyone, from a fourth grader doing long division to a retiree taking on a new language. But […]

Jim West twitters

Well, not literally of course. You will not find a twitter account for the Zwingli hagiographer. But in making a parenthetical comment about the usefulness of twitter for sharing useful articles and information between colleagues it occurred to me that many of Jim’s posts likely fall within the 140 character limit and often function in the same manner as twitter. Quick, short notices about his feelings, views, grumblings with an accompanying link. In the last […]


(Apparently these are hornets. As a Damascus High School graduate I feel I should have known that.) Psa. 118.12 They surrounded me like bees; they blazed like a fire of thorns; in the name of the LORD I cut them off! (Proving anyone can ignore context.) This Labor Day I have been doing a bit of the L word myself, helping to clean the house, run errands, and trim the hedges. And that is when […]

Connecting to younger generations

It is tough to admit it but I am no longer the “younger generation.” Sure I use twitter, facebook, and often have the gadgets. Folks are saying that twitter and facebook are really for the old folks anyway so maybe that isn’t a sign of my hipness. But when it comes to education and preaching I think that we are very often in danger of altering the message rather than the means of delivery. When […]

Hebrew coming to the iPad

Thanks to @Josh_Hepworth I now know that Apple has announced that Hebrew support will be included in the iOS 4.2 update.  

Looking back on Katrina

This past SBL in New Orleans I presented a paper so I will simply refer you to that post: SBL Paper: Recovery and Restoration Through Scripture (images). We continue to pray for those lost and those who remain. If you are so inclined, consider supporting the various ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana. The Jericho Road Housing Initiative is a particularly powerful and important program.