It’s SHO Time!

Students are already moving back in. Just a few more days until things get wonderfully crazy. If you are a blog reading person you should be following the the tag “SHOTime” on PSU blogs (or just click here). Our upperclass mentors are sharing about their favorite courses, the summer reading projects, and engagement opportunities at Penn State. This morning our Leadership Jumpstart students and TAs have arrived and are off to Camp Blue Diamond for their […]

Accordance on the iPad

In order to make sure I have access to my files and programs on the road I set up VNC on my office MacPro. This is all built in to the MacOS (and Win XP and 7 I believe) but not into the iPad. After much deliberation I purchased iTeleport for $24.99. Wow! Very cool. It takes a bit of getting used to because your finger is working like a mouse rather than as in […]

Solger MS of TgLam

Targum: Preserving “God’s Word”

In the comments on my previous post Joel asked about the origins of the “theologizing” in Targum Ruth. This morning he further commented, I’m just now getting into 2nd Temple lit, but the Targums fascinate me, especially as a tradition in which a traditional text was developed for a specific purpose and accepted without what we know of today as reactionary calls of ‘changing God’s word.’ Joel brings up some good points about Targum. (A […]

Review: HDRtist – excellent software at great price, free!

My brother and Tony have been talking up HDR, the process by which one can achieve “High Dynamic Range” images that compensate for lighting difficulties and differences. A search of flickr for “hdr” reveals some pretty dramatic results. There are lots of software solutions out there (including Photoshop) but me, I’m cheap. So I was thrilled to find HDRtist, a free solution for the Mac. It is simple, elegant, and produces some stunning images. You […]

The character of Boaz in TgRuth…so what?

You know, of course, that last week was the IOTS and I presented a paper on Boaz in Targum Ruth. I was going to post my paper here, but I have changed my mind. (I will post the audio as a podcast later today.) I realized that the paper is so long folks are unlikely to read it all and I will submit the whole thing as an article later this year anyway, so that […]

How much time do you spend in your office?

This morning the Chronicle of Higher Ed ran this article about how a faculty member’s office should be furnished. Now I will be the first to tell you that in my current position I am very fortunate to have a gorgeous and large office (necessary for all the meetings and outreach that I do). But for the first 7 years of my faculty career I had a rather narrow 14′ wide office space. What I […]

All good things must come to an end

And so the triennial meeting of IOSOT/IOTS/IOQS (and the other associated groups) is coming to an end. As usual I have not been to all the sessions I would have liked or seen all the sights I had hoped to see but at least I have this afternoon to remedy the latter! It was a wonderful conference in a tremendous city. The folks from U of Helsinki did an incredible job organizing this incredibly complex […]

Travel Observations

I spent last Saturday and Sunday traveling to Helsinki. Saturday I start the return trip. I have a few observations from my sleepless 24 hours. When using an airplane bathroom always follow a woman. Some men forget to sit while in flight. No matter where you are in the world, if you are in an airport you will see a man in western (“cowboy”) boots. On an overnight flight a baby will cry just as […]