Teaching of Religion at U of Ill

Seems a resolution of sorts has been reached. I commented on this earlier, see the comments for thoughtful replies. A Separation and a Return July 30, 2010 The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign announced Thursday that it is ending an unusual relationship under which an independent Roman Catholic center has for decades nominated instructors to teach Catholic thought at the university and paid their salaries. Further, the university announced that a controversial adjunct who has […]

Getting ready for Finland!

I am told that the weather is “beastly hot” in Finland right now. It has even approached 90º F! But I am greatly looking forward to our trip there. Why am I going to Finland? Of course you remember that the 2010 IOSOT (and IOTS) conference is in Helsinki this year! Don’t you? It is shaping up to be a great set of conferences. In addition to IOSOT there will also be meeting: IOSCS 29–31 […]

New Home Page

Most of you probably come directly to the blog, but some folks might land on http://targuman.org/ directly. I have not updated that page in quite a while so today I did a quick job in iWeb to provide more of a landing page. There are links there to facebook, flickr, and twitter accounts in addition to this blog. (Makes you wonder if bob cargill had a hand in naming all these lowercase social networking sites.) […]

iPad, iPhone 4 apps and accessories

I have had my iPad for a few months now and my iPhone 4 for a few weeks so I thought I would share a few tips, apps, and accessories that I have found useful.1 First for the iPad. Cases I started out with Apple iPad Case which I found to be very nice. It is a soft microfiber that is completely form fitting, which is very nice since it does not add any substantial […]

Smell that dairy air!

I had a great photo walk with my daughter last evening. She was shooting for her 4-H project and I wanted a few more shots to consider for the Grange Fair. We ended at the dairy barns across the street from Beaver Stadium. I love this place!  

So very wrong: Jesus & Jacko

I stumbled across this today. I have no idea of its origins, clearly dating to the time of Michael Jackson’s death; it is wrong on so many levels. But friends, tell me this, what will future art historians, scholars of religion, and archaeologists make of this in 1,000 years? (And it is not just the glove, did we need to see a Jesus with that much chest hair?)  

God or Monty Python?

Which do you think of first when you see this? I took the photo this evening at my son’s soccer camp. The storms rolled through repeatedly, broken up by these amazing clouds. The heavens were opened, and I saw visions of God.  

bibledex – The Book of Ruth

I am late to this (as Jim W apparently noted last month, I have not been a bloggin’ lately) but the University of Nottingham has an interesting project called bibledex. It is produced by the Department of Theology and Religious Studies aided by a journalist with a brilliant first name, Brady Haran. Below is their summary of the Book of Ruth. Not bad really. Alison Milbank‘s summary of the rabbinic interpretation is necessarily curt, but […]

News flash: God contemplating resigning

For those who do not follow the news closely I feel compelled to bring you the latest: THE HEAVENS—At a press conference Tuesday, God Almighty, our Lord and Heavenly Father, gave his strongest indication yet that he might soon step down from his post as the supreme ruler of all things. Following a routine address during which God confirmed the recent extinction of several thousand species, the Divine Creator fielded questions regarding rumors of his […]

Do we need anything more in a desktop OS?

The following story from TUAW produced an exchange between me and my brother about what we really need in an OS. We’ve seen the Magic Trackpad name before, and we’ve even gotten a glimpse of what the device might be — a larger, Bluetooth-enabled multitouch surface designed to bring all of the gestural and multitouch capability found on the iDevices and MacBooks to the desktop itself. Now, Engadget notes that it appears the FCC has […]